did you see it, too?

I think i just saw something.
A boy and a girl, running side by side
It was exercise
And then
They held hands for the length of a block, still running
She had her hair down, Atypical for runners
They were both wearing exercise shirts and shorts

They held hands and it didn’t look like exercise anymore

This morning, i saw lovers, excited to be alive
Or maybe best friends
But whatever the case
Pure enjoyment
Pure gratitude

On another day
A darker one, perhaps,
I would see a couple wanting to be looked at
A managing of impressions emptying out the beauty of the experience
In the name of looking like their lives were better than yours

We are so on display
We are so aware of ourselves that it can cloud our ability to openly experience a thing

These thoughts, most days

But i am sure they are in love today
Obliviously so
I know this, because he let go of her hand just now
so he could race in a loop
Around a pole
So that he might collapse upon her in an ecstatic embrace


he sat there


not a reason in any of it

an alley, a cat

a story about war

the sand and the weather


the passing days marked

by a shaft of light

in a well.


merged with darkness

and a velvet dream

pollen perfume

palpable shadows

he listened to the women.


some time later

dressed new and polished

he imitated movements of someone with purpose.


but then,

I could not finish it

in the end

there was no end.


he sank into me

and became my story

and I